Are you worried about a wilting tree in your yard? Tree leaves wilt for many reasons, so it’s sometimes difficult to zero in on the cause. The issue may be due to disease, damage to the root system, excessive heat, or a lack of water. 

In this post, East Coast Tree Service, your reliable tree removal services, explains what causes this condition in healthy trees. 

wilting tree

Possible Causes of Wilting

If you notice drooping branches or leaves turning yellow, you’re likely dealing with a wilting tree. The signs may vary depending on the tree species, but you’ll notice a distinct lack of vitality. It’s important to determine the cause as soon as possible so that you can take corrective action.

There are several reasons for wilting tree leaves and branches in and outside of the growing season. 


Not getting enough water is one of the most common reasons for wilting trees. To see if lack of moisture is the issue, dig a small hole two inches deep. If the soil’s dry, you need to water the tree. 

If there is less rainfall than normal, put down a layer of mulch around two inches thick. Start about a foot away from the trunk and extend the mulch all the way to the drip line. 


Pests are another possible cause because they suck the sap out of the leaves. Check the leaves for bite marks or bugs; if you see them, call a professional to save the tree and prevent the pests from spreading. 


There are many diseases that cause wilting leaves. It may be difficult to tell which disease is which, as many also cause leaves to turn yellow or brown. If you suspect that your tree is ill, it’s best to consult a professional. 

Soil Compaction

When soil packs too tightly around the roots, it prevents them from getting the moisture and oxygen they need. The tree shows a distinct lack of vitality as a result. Aerating the soil once or twice a year rectifies this problem quickly. 

Too Much Water

It might sound crazy, but too much water is as bad as too little. In this case, wilting is due to the roots starting to rot. The leaves are, therefore, unable to get enough moisture even though the ground is soaked. 

Too Much Mulch

It’s ironic, but the measures we take to protect our trees can also cause harm. Using too much mulch is one example because it prevents water from soaking through to the roots, and so may cause wilting. Ensure the mulch is no more than three inches thick in any one place. 

Also, make sure that the mulch never touches the bark, as this increases the risk of a fungal infection taking hold. 

Contact Us for Expert Advice

Wilting tree leaves and branches are nothing to panic about. Now that you know a little more about spotting a sick tree, you know it’s time to ask for professional help. Contact East Coast Tree Service at (781) 518-8014 to schedule service. 

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