will tree branches grow back after cutting

Trees need maintenance in order to keep them healthy. Cutting branches can prevent disease from spreading throughout the tree. Will tree branches grow back after cutting, or will you end up with a tree with just a few branches? East Coast Tree Service in Reading, MA, can answer the question, and they provide expert tree removal services so you don’t have to do it yourself.

The Truth About Branches

It may surprise you to learn that cut tree branches cannot regrow themselves. When branches of a tree are cut, a branch may sprout near the same area, but it isn’t the old branch regrowing itself. Rather, it’s a brand new branch entirely.

Pruning your tree creates scars and leaves it vulnerable to disease. Over-pruning your tree can kill it, which is why professional tree service is the best option for tree care.

Will tree branches grow back after cutting? Technically, no. 

Cutting a Branch Properly

Sometimes, you need to cut a branch on a tree. Maybe it’s growing into a neighbor’s yard or it could have disease. Whatever the reason, you need to know how to cut a branch properly to avoid causing further problems.

If you can easily access the tree, you can try to cut the branch yourself. The best place to make a cut is at the branch collar. Correct cutting will ensure no branches regrow in that area. 

Take care to only cut branches as necessary. Over-pruning can make the tree vulnerable to disease and you may have to remove the entire tree.

Cutting problematic branches isn’t a one-time project. The tree will continue to sprout new branches as it grows, and you may have to cut it back again in a year or two. 

The Dangers of Tree Topping

Topping a tree can totally destroy it. During tree topping, the main branches are severely cut, sometimes all the way to the trunk. Homeowners in areas that experience frequent storms often top their trees to prevent branches from falling and causing property damage or injuring family members.

Many homeowners who top their trees operate under the assumption that all the cut branches will grow back over time. Topping a tree is not akin to getting a haircut. When the tree starts to grow branches again, they will not be as sturdy as the original branches. 

Weakened limbs have more of a chance of falling and causing damage during a storm. Homeowners who want to ensure falling branches don’t cause property damage should schedule service with a professional arborist to avoid killing all their trees by over-trimming.

Reliable Tree Service in Reading

If you wonder, “will tree branches grow back after cutting,” find out the answer from a professional. Tree branches grow back in the same general area, but a cut tree branch cannot regrow itself. 

East Coast Tree Service in Reading, MA, can teach you how to spot a dangerous tree so that you know when to call for professional removal. Contact us at 781-518-8014 to schedule service.

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