As a homeowner, you take pride in having a beautiful, well-maintained yard. However, one aspect that is often overlooked is the importance of regular tree trimming and pruning. 

Gardener or tree surgeon pruning a tree using an elevated platform on the hydraulic articulated arm of a cherry picker

This is where we can lend some guidance. Of course, proper tree care is essential for aesthetics, but its also key for the overall health and safety of your landscape, and those are just a couple of the benefits. If you suspect it might be time to trim your trees but aren’t quite “sold” yet, here are ten key benefits of professional tree trimming that will eliminate any doubt:

1. It Promotes Growth

Strategic pruning removes overcrowded, rubbing, or competing branches, allowing the remaining ones to flourish. This improves air circulation and sun exposure to stimulate robust growth.

2. It Helps Maintain Structure

Trimming helps guide the tree’s growth pattern by removing wayward branches. This develops a strong, balanced structure resistant to wind damage.

3. It Prevents Disease

Pruning cuts away diseased or insect-infested branches before the issues spread. Improving air flow also inhibits rot, fungus and other diseases.  

4. It Enhances Appearance

Well-pruned trees simply look better! Trimming shapes the canopy, creates cleaner lines, and encourages vibrant blooming and healthy foliage.

5. It Increases Sunlight

Thinning out overgrown branches allows more sunlight to reach your lawn, garden beds, and other plants that require ample sun exposure.  

6. It Removes Potential Hazards

Dead, damaged or overly long branches pose risks to your home, vehicles, and personal safety. Pruning eliminates these hazards.

7. It Protects Utility Lines

Trimming prevents tree limbs from interfering with overhead power lines, cable lines, and sidewalks/roadways. This safeguards utilities and public rights-of-way.

8. It Prepares for Storms  

Trimmed trees with proper weight distribution and canopy thinning are far more resilient against high winds, snow/ice loads, and severe storms.

9. It Extends Your Tree’s Lifespan

Proper pruning helps sustain the tree’s overall vigor and longevity by reducing disease, competition for resources, and structural issues.  

10. It Increases Property Value

Mature, well-maintained trees significantly increase real estate values and curb appeal compared to unmaintained or damaged trees.

What Happens If You Don’t Trim Your Trees

Believe it or not, some less-than-desirable outcomes can occur if trees aren’t properly trimmed every so often. Here are some things to look out for if you haven’t received professional tree trimming services recently:

1. Safety Hazards

Untrimmed trees with dead, dying or overgrown branches pose falling risks that can damage property or injure people below. Lack of pruning increases liability.

2. Insect/Disease Problems

Trimming removes infested, diseased, or damaged limbs that can spread issues to the rest of the tree and neighboring trees if left unchecked.

3. Weak Branch Structure

Trees not properly pruned when young often develop problematic branching structures with multiple trunks, codominant stems, and branches overgrowing each other – increasing vulnerability to breaking during storms.

4. Obstructed Views/Utilities

Overgrown canopies block views, sunlight, and can interfere with overhead power lines, gutters, and roofs if not pruned regularly to maintain clearance.

5. Depleted Lawn Health  

Dense canopy shade and surface roots from lack of trimming can lead to thinning or dead patches in the lawn and landscape beds underneath.

6. Reduced Curb Appeal

Trees lacking structural pruning look unsightly with low hanging branches, irregular growth habits, and cluttered branch patterns – negatively impacting property aesthetics.

7. Premature Decline

Excessive weight from untrimmed branches, coupled with pests and diseases, can overstress and shorten the tree’s overall lifespan.

8. Costlier Services

Delaying pruning and allowing larger, heavier limbs to overgrow results in much higher service costs than routine, lighter trims on smaller branches.

Developing a reasonable pruning schedule through certified arborists helps avoid these issues and protects the homeowner’s landscape investment for the long-term.

How Often Should You Seek Out Tree Trimming Services

If you’re a new homeowner, or just new to the idea of tree trimming, you may be unsure of how frequently you should have them trimmed. The frequency for professional tree trimming services recommended for most homeowners is every 3-5 years. However, several factors can influence how often trimming is needed:

  • Tree Species: Faster-growing trees like maple, oak, and ash typically require trimming every 2-4 years, while slower growers like crape myrtle and dogwood can go 4-6 years between trimmings.
  • Tree Age: Younger trees need pruning more frequently, about every 2-3 years, to establish proper structure. Mature trees usually only require trimming every 3-5 years to maintain shape.
  • Tree Health: Trees under stress from disease, pests, or damage may need more regular pruning to remove problematic branches and promote vitality.
  • Site Factors: Trees in confined spaces, near utilities/structures, or with obstructed views often require more frequent trimming for safety and clearance.
  • After Storms: It’s advisable to have an arborist inspect and prune trees as needed following high winds, heavy ice/snow, or other severe weather incidents.

In general, most tree care professionals recommend:

  • Pruning young trees annually for the first 3 years after planting 
  • Then maintaining pruning every 2-4 years for most species
  • Scheduling trimming during dormant winter seasons

The key is not to let trees go overgrown and neglected for many years. With routine pruning on a 3-5 year cycle by a certified arborist, trees will look tidy, be structurally sound, and have increased vigor year-round.

Schedule Professional Tree Trimming Today

Ultimately, while tree trimming provides numerous benefits, it’s also crucial to have it done properly by certified arborists. Improper pruning can damage or weaken trees. Invest in professional tree care for a thriving, attractive, and safe landscape.

If it’s time your trees get a professional trim, we’re here to help. Call us at (781) 518-8014 or visit our website today to schedule your professional tree-trimming service. We’ll help ensure your trees keep your yard looking healthy and safe.

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