Perhaps you want to add trees to your landscaping. Doing so is typically a smart move in real estate. However, you must understand the best time of year to plant a tree. Planting a tree in the wrong season can result in their death. To give a tree the best chance at life, plant it at the right time. Of course, there are a few factors to consider when it comes to the best time to plant a tree. 

Tips for Planting in the North

In colder climates up north, there is a limited window in which to plant a tree. There are a few elements in northern climates that need to be evaluated before planting. 

  • Do not plant a tree when the ground is frozen.
  • Do not plant too late in the year – Fall is too late
  • Give the tree time to thrive in the warm, moist ground before cold weather sets in

Ultimately, early spring when the soil has thawed is an ideal planting time. Trees in the north will thrive in those few warm months and be strong enough to survive the winter. 

Tips for Planting in the South

If you live in the southern heat, planting in the fall is the best season for your trees. The summer months will likely be too hot for a new tree to live in. If trees are planted in the fall months, they will be better prepared for the heat that comes the following summer. It is important to be sure that your tree receives adequate water during dry seasons, as well. A tree will fail without the necessary amount of water. 

Planting Bare Root Trees

Cold or dry winters can do a number on bare-root trees that are not yet strong. In order to avoid any issues, a bare root tree should be planted in the spring so that it has time to grow prior to the harsher months. 

Planting Container Trees

The time for planting container trees is dependent on the weather you endure in your area. These trees are not considered incredibly fragile, but planting should occur so that roots are established when the harsh weather hits. If the heat is extreme, a fall planting is best. If winters are especially cold, planting in the spring is ideal. 

Planting Evergreens

Evergreens do not thrive in high heat. Because of this, it is best to plant an evergreen tree when the weather is milder. Planting early in the fall and spring seasons can help your tree to flourish. 

Planting Deciduous Trees

A deciduous tree often performs best when planted in the fall months. No matter where you live, be sure that your deciduous tree is given enough water to prosper. 

Planting Conifers

If you have a conifer in a colder climate, it is best to plant it in the spring. These trees can be vulnerable in cold weather and will need to be kept watered well. Because a frozen ground prevents water from traveling to the tree, preparing the tree for a harsh cold in the warmer months is essential. 

Transplanting Trees

There are a couple of facts that are important to remember when it comes to transplanting a tree.

  1. Older trees do not like to be transplanted. 
  2. Younger trees are much more likely to accept the change.
  3. Tree transplants cannot occur when the ground is frozen. 

Transplant your young tree after the ground has thawed in the spring or before it freezes in the fall. 

Help with Trees

East Coast Tree Services is an expert in tree care and tree services. If you seek help with planting, transplanting, or any other tree-related knowledge, East Coast Tree Service is a resource worth contacting. Get all the tree assistance you need from East Coast Tree Service when you call today or fill out our online contact form

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