What tree does not lose its leaves in the winter? If you like a bit of color in your garden during the colder months, look for evergreen trees. In this article, East Coast Tree Service, your go-to tree service in Andover, explains more about the types of trees to choose from. 

what tree does not lose its leaves in the winter

What Are Evergreens? 

These are trees like pines and conifers. Unlike deciduous trees, they have persistent leaves and lush winter foliage. These are typically cold-resistant trees that have resinous sap. The sap doesn’t freeze in the winter, making caring for these trees easier. 


When someone asks, “What tree does not lose its leaves in the winter?” most people think of pines like the Scotch or White Pine. These trees grow well across most of North America and have needle-like leaves that shrug off snow. They’re also a useful source of lumber and pulpwood, making them a popular commercial crop. 


When you think of trees with year-round leaves, a Fraser Fir is likely to come to mind. This beautiful tree adds a splash of color with dark needles that have a silver underside. The dense foliage and pretty coloring make it a popular choice for a Christmas tree. 

Just be aware that if you decide to plant it, it’ll grow up to 70 feet high and have a one or two-foot trunk.

Spruce Tree

You should look at Norway, Black Hills, or Colorado Blue Spruces. The latter have a pyramid-shaped body with needles that are a steely blue color. They grow quickly and withstand drought well. 

If you prefer a greener tint, opt for the Black Hills Spruce. It withstands the coldest snaps and rewards you with dense needles. It’s a great option for making wreaths. 

If you need to fill a space quickly, consider planting a Norway Spruce. They’re full-bodied with short needles and can grow up to 150 feet or more. 

Cedar Tree

Cedars belong to the pine family but look distinctly different. They are more coniferous, and the leaves look similar to fern fronds. It’s the wood that’s the big attraction, however. It smells lovely and has a rich red hue. Many people use the twigs to chase away insects in their homes. 

The tree is also valuable in the garden to control erosion. 

Holmstrup Arborvitae

Looking for something very low maintenance? This conifer is conical in shape and is tidy. Better still, you only need to trim it if you want it to form a hedge. It’s also a great option if you have a small space, and you can even plant it in a container. 

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