Many property owners wonder what to do with branches after pruning. In this post, East Coast Tree Service, the leading tree pruning and trimming services in Reading, MA, gives you some ideas.

Read on to learn how to take full advantage of these valuable resources after proper pruning. There is, however, a caveat. If the wood is infested or infected, it’s best to destroy it or throw it out as soon as possible. 

1. Make Raised Beds

After a pruning cut, you can cut a large branch into manageable sections. Use these to make a raised garden bed. While it looks more rustic than planks from the hardware store, your bed should last longer because the wood is thicker. 

Also, because you don’t treat the wood, no chemicals leech into the soil, making it ideal for a veggie garden. 

2. Use Damaged Wood

If the pruning wound renders the wood useless, you can create a raised heap instead. Lay the branches on the ground to create as even a layer as possible. Then add other organic material on top.

Finally, cover everything with a layer of topsoil and plant your plants into this tier. The wood decomposes slowly while still allowing some air circulation, leaving rich, loamy soil in its wake. 

3. Build Fencing or Edging

Wondering what to do with branches after pruning many trees? Why not use them for decorative fencing or edging for the borders of flower beds? 

4. Support Plants

If you have some sturdy branches, use them to make a rustic trellis. You can use smaller twigs to create a support for beans or peas. Sturdy branches may also prove useful as splints when you have to apply wound dressings to broken branches. 

5. Make a Tunnel or Cloche Frame 

If the branches are pliable enough, you can bend them to make a tunnel or cloche frame. Then you can spread shade cloth or other fabric over these frames to protect young plants from extreme temperatures. 

6. Get Crafty

If you have an artistic eye, it’s easy to incorporate branches into interesting garden sculptures or even wall hangings. If the branches are pliable, you can use them to weave baskets. 

Give your children the smaller branches to act as found objects for their artworks and see what they come up with. If you have a wood-burning set, you can also create a set of plant labels or place-setting logs. 

7. What About the Leftovers? 

The leftovers make a great addition to the firepit. If you don’t have one, put them through the wood chipper and you have mulch. 

Contact the Professionals

Now that you have some ideas of what to do with branches after pruning, want to learn about DIY tree trimming? Or would you rather call in a professional to trim your trees and deal with the branches? 

East Coast Tree Service is here to assist you with anything to do with trees. Call us at (781) 518-8014 for a consultation in Reading, MA. 

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