What happens if your tree falls in the road? Who is responsible? These questions are a lot easier to answer than other hypothetical tree questions. Call 911 in emergencies, or call a local tree service in Dunstable to remove the tree as soon as possible.

East Coast Tree Service specializes in emergency tree removal. We can help you remove trees to make roads safe again.

what happens if your tree falls in the road

Who To Call

If a fallen tree in the middle of the road can cause potential harm to drivers and pedestrians, call 911. Ambulances and firetrucks sometimes have to speed down roads to get to their destinations, and a giant tree blocking their path could be incredibly dangerous.

If the tree brought power lines down with it, call the electric company. They’ll need to come out and assess the damage so they can begin repairs.

Contact a tree company providing emergency tree removal services for non-emergencies. They’ll send out a crew to move the tree out of the way. You’ll be responsible for making the calls if the tree comes from your property.

What To Do Next

After you’ve made the necessary calls, the tree removal service will probably leave a pile of lumber on your property unless you ask them to take it away. Use the wood as you’d like — it can come in handy! 

If the tree fell on or near your property, assess the area for tree damage. Fallen trees may have damaged other trees on the way down, creating a potential domino effect of more falling trees. Damaged trees are more prone to developing diseases that will weaken or kill them. It’s the weak trees that eventually fall.

You also need to check for property damage in case you need to make any insurance claims.

Insurance and Responsibility

What happens if your tree falls in the road? Insurance claims, of course.

If a fallen tree damages property, inspect everything because homeowners insurance companies are bound to ask questions. Things to take note of include:

  • Damage to your property
  • Damage to someone else’s property
  • The health of the fallen tree
  • The health of nearby trees

If neighbors file a claim with their insurer with proof that your tree was in poor condition, the responsibility will fall on you. If you have proof that your tree was healthy and not a concern to professional arborists, you won’t be responsible. When the tree service comes out to your property, consider getting your trees inspected while they’re out.

Let Us Inspect Your Trees

Regular tree maintenance and inspections can save you insurance money later. Call us today at [phone number] so we can ensure your trees are in good health. Proof of inspection will save you from having to pay for tree damage when it falls.

Don’t wait to find out what happens if your tree falls in the road. Call East Coast Tree Service today, your local tree service in Dunstable, MA, at 781-518-8014. We’re ready to inspect trees ahead of time or pick up fallen trees with our emergency tree removal services.

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