You’ve likely heard from one science class or another about the benefits trees provide to the environment. However, it can be difficult to find trees suitable for small yards.

East Coast Tree Service offers expert tree care services in Reading, MA, and nearby cities. Our arborists know how to find the best trees for small backyards so you can enjoy what trees have to offer.

trees for small backyards

The Benefits of Compact Trees for Limited Spaces

Trees help create a healthy environment while adding these aesthetic and practical benefits to your yard:

  • A blooming tree can greatly increase curb appeal.
  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen, keeping the air breathable.
  • Tree shade can reduce the amount of UV radiation entering the home, reducing energy consumption.
  • Trees can help prevent soil erosion and water loss and reduce pollution, making your yard and nearby plants healthier.

Small-yard tree planting has even more advantages we haven’t listed here. Regardless, you can greatly improve your yard with our small backyard tree options.

What To Look for When Choosing Trees for Small Gardens

While trees for small backyards have sturdy constitutions compared to other types of plants, they still thrive best in certain conditions. The USDA has a Plant Hardiness Zone Map showing specific zones where some plants will thrive.

The zone map considers several aspects, most specifically the climate. Also, consider typical soil conditions in your yard, the size of the tree you want, and whether the plant would be an invasive species in your area. You can always ask our arborists or horticulturalists for more details.

Reading, MA, sits in Zone 6b, categorized by extreme minimum temperatures of -5 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

3 Beautiful Trees for Small Yard Tree Planting in Zone 6B

Remember these options when considering trees suitable for small yards:

#1. Prairifire Crabapple

Prairifire crabapples bloom in the spring, lasting into fall. They produce small fruits year-round that attract local songbirds and other desirable wildlife. These trees can grow up to 20 feet tall and, because of their hardiness, tend to need little maintenance.

#2. Japanese Stewartia

One of the best trees for tiny backyards, the Japanese stewartia, tends to top off around 10 feet or shorter. They produce little white flowers with fluttery yellow and orange stamens and pistils. Japanese stewartias bloom strongest in spring and summer but provide beautiful leaves in the fall and multicolored bark in the winter.

#3. Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

This durable, native tree produces bluish-green foliage in the summer and stark, eye-catching bark in the winter, reaching up to 25 feet tall. While popular in the South and Midwest, they adapt perfectly to Northeastern climates. After its white flowers turn into fruits, you can harvest the serviceberries, which taste similar to blueberries.

Expand Your Small Tree Options

Do you want a longer list of perfect trees for small backyards or have questions about tree care, including common trimming mistakes? East Coast Tree Service offers professional arboricultural care for homeowners, property managers, contractors, and more. To get a free consultation or emergency tree services in and around Reading, MA, call (781) 518-8014 today.

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