Tree roots extract water and nutrients from the soil, anchor trees in the ground, and store food for winter, among other critical functions. If a tree’s roots suffer damage, the tree’s health will decline steadily until the tree becomes a safety hazard.  

As an expert tree removal services company, we can help you identify the signs of tree root damage early so that you can take proactive steps to address the issue right away.  

signs of tree root damage

1. Fungi Growth  

Tree roots may succumb to rot when affected by fungal infections like Armillaria root rot. Stay alert for conks and mushrooms growing along the roots or around the tree’s base. In severe cases, fungal growth may spread upwards into the tree canopy.  

2. Leaning Tree  

While some trees lean naturally with little to no significant effect on the tree’s health, a lean that worsens over time could point to a failing root system. If your roots fail for whatever reason, they may fail to anchor the affected tree, increasing the risk of the tree falling over.  

3. Visible Roots  

As one of the common signs of tree root damage, you may notice exposed roots near the soil’s surface. Upward pressure from a soil upheaval may partially or fully lift tree roots out of the ground and potentially damage them.  

4. Leaf Scorch   

When your tree roots struggle to transport water to the leaves and other parts of the tree, you may notice leaves turning brown and shriveled. You’ll often notice leaf scorch at the branch tips.  

5. Reduced Leaf Size  

A failing root system often leads to noticeably slower growth. For instance, you may notice your tree’s leaves growing unusually small or the tree taking longer than usual to mature.  

6. Branch Dieback  

Tree roots carry water and nutrients via the tree’s vascular system to the branches. If a tree root suffers sectional or full damage, you may notice gradual branch death. 

7. Yellow Leaves  

If your tree’s canopy presents with yellow leaves, it may have root damage. Leaves turn yellow when they can’t produce sufficient chlorophyll, the pigment that gives them their green color and plays a crucial role in photosynthesis.  

A lack of chlorophyll may result from the tree not getting enough nutrients from the roots.  

Seek Professional Help  

While some root issues show obvious symptoms, such as wilting leaves or exposed roots, others like girdling tree roots may silently harm the tree over time. If you suspect tree root damage, it’s crucial to call a certified arborist for immediate inspection and diagnosis. Also, you may fail to notice the signs of tree root damage until years after the damage occurs. Call a certified arborist to inspect your tree immediately if you suspect tree root damage.  

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Help  

You can’t hire just anyone to do your tree work. Look for trained professionals with the appropriate equipment and experienced crews like East Coast Tree Service. We offer various tree services, including: 

  • Tree removal  
  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Tree chipping  
  • Tree fertilizing  

Call us at (781) 518-8014 to request a quote for service in or around Eastern Massachusetts. Reach out for more information on the telltale signs of tree root damage or to learn about the most common tree death causes or if you can cut tree roots.

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