If you’ve found yourself wanting to fertilize your trees for better health, there are a few facts to consider ahead of time. Of course, fertilizer can be beneficial for a number of reasons, but it is not as simple as simply surrounding the base of the tree. There are a lot of factors that could make an impact on how beneficial the fertilizer will be. 

DIY vs. Tree Professional

You may have purchased some tree fertilizer in an effort to save your tree and give it new life. However, fertilizing a tree is not an easy job. For this reason, it is recommended that a tree professional be consulted prior to the use of any fertilizer. Fertilizer spread out on the ground around the tree will do little to aid your tree in healing. The roots are the part of the tree that needs nutrients from fertilizer, and shallow attention will not likely result in any change. A professional will use high-quality fertilizer properly and will know when it is appropriate to use it. 

Tree Fertilizer Won’t Bring Back a Dead Tree

A dead tree is dead. There is no coming back to life. Identifying a dead tree requires looking at a few different parts for confirmation. 

  1. Dry, brown, and peeling bark
  2. Loss of leaves year-round or little to no leaves
  3. Brittle and dropping branches
  4. Mushrooms present

When these factors prove a tree to be dead, no amount of fertilizer will bring the tree back to life. The best course of action for a dead tree is to cut it down before it becomes a danger. 

Fertilizer Can Improve the Health of the Tree

As a general rule, properly added fertilizer could improve your tree’s health. An already healthy tree can become more resistant to disease, insects, and other problems with properly utilized fertilizer. The fertilizer offers nutrients and value in a way that regular soil or dirt does not. To have your trees fertilized is to improve their chances of a long life. 

Adding Fertilizer to a Sick Tree Can Make It Worse

Fertilizer will not simply cure a sick tree. In fact, depending on the cause of the sickness, fertilizer can make an ill tree worse. If your tree had an insect problem, fertilizing the tree could add to the bug activity, creating a worsening situation that is even harder to fix. The same goes for some diseases in trees. To best determine whether your tree needs fertilizer or something else, a professional is the best course of action. 

Get Help with Your Tree’s Health

The best help for your tree and its health is from East Coast Tree Services. The team at East Coast are the tree care experts and fertilizing service you want to help you and your tree. Contact us today to identify the best course of action for the life of your tree with a real professional and watch your tree thrive.

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