Springtime has finally sprung. We are excited, and so are your trees! Throughout the winter, trees tend to get a little beat up by the elements here in New England. Trees need to be provided different maintenance throughout the different seasons. We are here to talk about proper tree care during the spring!

Inspection the Tree

It is important to inspect your trees after the harsh winter because there could be some damage. Check every part of your tree; branches, roots, leaves, and trunk. Look out for broken branches and deadwood.


If you found dead and broken branches during your inspection, it is the perfect time to start pruning to get your tree ready for the warm weather. Dead branches are a serious safety hazard making it very important to remove. Pruning your trees also encourages new growth, exactly what you want in the warmer months! 

Check Soil

In order to properly check the soil beneath your tree, you want to dig about 5 inches down. Good, healthy soil should be moist but not soaking wet. Because the water was frozen over the winter, it was not able to get into the ground correctly. You should water 10 gallons per inch of the trunk diameter of your tree. 

Check Mulch Levels

Mulch assists in retaining the moisture in the soil. You should be laying around 3 to 5 inches of mulch on your landscape. When mulching, make sure to avoid the roots of your tree. Start your mulch at least one foot away from the base of your trees. 

Remove Weeds

If you spot any weeds growing near the base of your tree, be sure to remove them. Weeds and any other plants you do not want in your landscape take water from your tree. 


By applying a slow-release fertilizer, you are replacing vital nutrients for your trees. This will in turn protect your trees against diseases, pests, and spring weather elements. If you do this every year, you will see stunning results. 

East Coast Tree Service

The team at East Coast Tree Service is experienced in every phase of the tree care industry! We take pride in advising on how to care for your trees. If you notice your trees are not doing well and it is too big a job to handle on your own, we have services available to help. For any further information regarding springtime tree maintenance, give us a call today!

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Removal, Trimming & Pruning