Ornamental tree Pruning is a horticultural practice often utilized to maintain the structural integrity and aesthetics of trees. Below are the benefits of Tree Pruning by East Coast Tree Service, and how it can help in improving tree health.

Ornamental Tree Pruning

1) Ornamental tree Pruning for Aesthetics
When done correctly by East Coast Tree Service, pruning can help with a tree’s physical appearance. It also helps in maintaining proper shaper and size if the tree. This is important to maintain a healthy trees and help it to continue grow and sprout new growth. Over time, the new branches that form can become too much for the tree. As they grow throughout the tree, they can encroach upon other branches, altering the growth and condition.  These branches should be maintained or removed so they do not cause the tree to become abnormally shaped.

Ornamental & flowering tree pruning will produce a better bloom when pruned periodically. Pruning of Arborvitae & other Evergreens will help keep their shape and keep them in proportion.  This will help to maintain proper growth.

2) Ornamental tree Pruning for Health
Pruning plays a vital role in tree preservation. It helps the trees to grow properly and maintaining their overall health. Trees that are not routinely pruned often develop low hanging limbs, crowded branches, stems shoots from the bottom, weak crotches, or structural defects including but not limited to cracks or bark damage. All of these are all detrimental to the health of the tree, and often result in tree or branch failure.

Removing dying, dead or diseased branches reduces the risk of the tree or limb, branch failure. Proper pruning helps prevent insects from getting into the tree. Removing sprouts and suckers help to eliminates stress to the tree.  Removing weak crotches prevents the tree from breaking or splitting as the tree grows older and taller. Removing dying branches reduces the potential for significant cracking or splitting of the bark and wood.

Pruning enhances the core structure of tree and its branches, enabling them to better withstand the New England weather. It also helps establish a balanced branch structure, ensuring proper height and weight distribution.

3) Why Pruning can Stimulate branch growth
Pruning is often utilized to stimulate the growth in trees. For trees with dense crowns, thinning them can permit new growth to develop in sparse sections of the tree.  Thinning helps to promote better air circulation. Fresh growth can be reduced to allow adequate sunlight to reach the lower portion of trees or the inside trunk of the tree.

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You can learn more about tree pruning through psu.edu Pruning Landscape Trees (psu.edu)

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