Professional Tree Pruning in Tewksbury MA

If you search for tree pruning Tewksbury MA, you will find East Coast Tree Service, a proven local tree services company. Our team of contractors are experienced working with clients in Tewksbury MA and the surrounding towns.

Industry Leading Tree Pruning in Tewksbury MA

Are you looking for a dedicated company to help your trees stay looking and feeling their best? At East Coast Tree Service, we understand how important tree pruning is to a property. We are committed to helping local clients achieve outdoor spaces that they can be proud of by offering top-rated services to them at affordable costs.

Our team of professionals provides affordable tree pruning services to keep your trees healthy and safe. Pruning trees is an art and requires the right tree trimming equipment. At East Coast Tree Service our priority is the health of your trees and our dedication to this is unsurpassed. Incorrect tree pruning Tewksbury MA can have disastrous consequences, not only for the tree, but to your safety, your families and your neighbors as well; not to mention your property.

Why It’s Important to Prune Your Trees

Tree Health

Of all the reasons to keep up with your tree pruning schedule, the health of your tree is the most important. Diseased trees can be easily avoided with proper tree pruning. If your trees have a very thick canopy, then they need to be pruned back. Once properly pruned, they’ll be able to receive a lot more sunlight and moisture, which will help the entire tree.

Dead branches will lead to diseased trees. They will also make a lovely home for insects and parasites to begin growing in your tree. Tree pruning will help keep termites, beetles, and fungus from settling in your tree.


Tree pruning can keep your home and neighborhood safe should a storm arise. Storms can break weak limbs from trees and send them flying around your block. Pruning your tree so that it grows solidly will help keep it intact during heavy winds and rainstorms. Pruning your trees also keeps low hanging branches from developing - which can become hazardous if they hang over your sidewalk or driveway.

Aesthetics & Growth

Tree pruning involves removing co-dominant leaders before they arise. By pruning one of these branches, the other is allowed to become the dominant branch, meaning the tree grows stronger and won’t split and tear in large winds.

Crossing branches can be eliminated with a simple tree pruning. Additionally, pruning certain areas will only help the growth of your tree. If there’s a place where the tree isn’t growing, tree pruning will stimulate growth. Where there is too much growth, pruning will stop it.

Contact for Reliable Tree Pruning in Tewksbury MA

If you are interested in learning more about tree pruning in Tewksbury MA, get in touch with East Coast Tree Service today by calling 781-518-8014 or request an estimate online.



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