Trees and landscaping suffer varying levels of damage during winter storms depending on how old they are, what is around them (the house, other trees, etc.) Each of those factors will affect the degree of damage trees can acquire during winter storms. 

So, suppose one or more of your trees experiences significant damage; what should you do? Answer: contact a professional tree removal crew to take care of it for you. An expert crew like ours at East Coast Tree Service has the precise preparation, tools, and training to carefully extract dead or injured trees while simultaneously implementing ways to guard your current trees against additional harm.

So, is that it? Is this simply one big sales post? No, we’re here to educate you, so you have proper knowledge about protecting your trees as well.

Damage To Tree Roots

Numerous factors can weaken a tree’s root system, such as frost and freezing temperatures. Consequently, once the heat is lost from the ground, the tree experiences a shortage of life-supporting nutrients and dies if not adequately prepped for the winter. 

You can lay some mulch surrounding the bottom of your trees before unrelenting winter weather starts to support the root systems in retaining heat in the dirt. The mulch serves as insulation and preserves a tree against harsh gusts, freezing rain, frost, ice, and snow.

What Is “Sun Scalding”?

Sunscald is an effect of over-exposure to a tree from the sun’s reflections. Contrary to the name, this is something that happens in cold weather and not hot. During the winter, trees have bare branches (consequently, the trunks are also exposed to sunlight) and are vulnerable to weather. The excess of the sun to the tree’s bark due to the lack of leaves and reflections off snow and ice cause the bark to crack and peel, producing extensive tree fissures. However, there are ways to protect your trees if they are vulnerable to sunscald; the best way is to wrap your tree before winter arrives. If you obstruct the light of the sun, you can decrease damage to the tree.

Broken Branches And Limbs

Sure, snow on tree limbs is beautiful, but the weight of that snow on a branch can cause damage to the tree, such as cracks and breaks. Damaged tree branches and limbs are issues for many reasons; for starters, branches that are weighed down by snow and ice can cause damage to property or harm someone. Additionally, that snow and ice can likewise damage the tree. If you wrap limbs and branches with protective wraps (or burlap), you may avoid branches breaking off into your yard or onto someone or something else.

Cleaning Up After A Storm

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Our approved and registered tree service experts possess more than ten years of experience and have the most advanced tech in the industry. Our tools enable us to immediately answer storm damage calls for both commercial and residential properties. We handle everything from stump and dead tree removal to tree pruning, and more

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