When you think of trees, images of strong, tall structures usually come to mind. Have you ever wondered what could be strong enough to make something so big come down? Believe it or not, wind is. Not a nice summer breeze, but winds that reach dangerous storm levels. 

So, just how much wind can a tree withstand?

how much wind can a tree withstand

Wind Tolerance of Trees

All types of trees, from big to small, can break under the wind’s influence, especially during storms with high wind speeds. When winds reach this level, it can cause structural damage to buildings, such as causing siding to blow off your home or losing a piece of your chimney. 

When winds are high enough that you have difficulty walking, keep a lookout for “hazard trees.” These trees have some type of defect that will make branches or the whole tree fall. High winds are just the catalyst to make them extremely dangerous. 

In fact, you should always be aware of branches falling when you’re out and about, especially when camping or taking a stroll through the forest. Trees and their branches can fall due to being old, having insect infestations, disease, and decay. 

If you suspect a tree on your property is in danger of falling, you’ll need the best tree care services in Reading, MA, for damage control.

Tree Wind Damage Threshold

All types of trees can break in high wind speeds. Here are a few ways they can break:

  • Uprooting – Trees that have rotted roots are most likely to be uprooted. 
  • Snapping – If the roots stay firmly lodged, any tree of any size will crack and break.
  • Boughs breaking – A wider bough will cause branches to break in high winds or even have the tree toppling over

Storm Wind Effect on Trees

The wind endurance of trees is strong, but in miles per hour, how much wind can a tree withstand?

Moderate breezes that are about 13 mph will make small, thin trees sway. There’s not much to worry about. If there’s a violent storm brewing, winds can reach up to 72 mph. That’s a good time to start worrying. Tree wind resistance will be more likely to fail.

In a category one hurricane, there’s enough wind to cause serious structural damage to surrounding buildings. Some of the damage comes from falling trees or branches. Hurricane winds can reach up to 95 mph and will snap large branches off a tree. Higher winds will cause a whole tree to crack, break, or come right up out of the ground. 

Request Tree Services in Reading Today 

The answer to “how much wind can a tree withstand” is that it depends. Storm winds, the health of root systems, and preexisting conditions all factor into wind resilience.

Tree stability in wind speeds greater than 50 mph will cause either cause snapping, breaking, or uprooting. Storms test the wind resilience of trees to the fullest. If a recent storm has come through your area and you need storm damage tree removal, contact East Coast Tree Service at (781) 518-8014 and let the experts help you clean up. 

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