Sometimes, you’ll notice a tree seems a worrying shade of “fall” when the season isn’t yet around the corner. How can I tell if my tree is dead? This is a valid question because, with trees as sturdy as they are, looks can often be deceiving. 

If you’re wondering about your tree’s health, here are a few tips from East Coast Tree Service, Tyngsborough’s skilled tree removal contractor.

how can i tell if my tree is dead

Is My Tree Dead, Dying, or Just Diseased?

When identifying dead trees, the signs aren’t always obvious. Is it already? Maybe it is still in the dying phases, which could take a while.

Even with the definite symptoms of tree decline, individual occurrences may not be a problem. However, compounded, these symptoms spell bad news for trees. Still, if you see any of these signs, you might want to schedule a tree vitality assessment with experts like East Coast Tree Service to get the tree some help.

3 Classic Signs of Tree Death

What can you look for when assessing tree health? Troubling signs for your trees include the following:

Wilting Leaves

How can I tell if my tree is dead? The first thing to look for is signs of wilting or fall coloration when it’s nowhere near autumn.

Recognizing tree mortality involves noticing a tree’s natural survival tactics (like leaf drop). When trees drop their leaves, they may do so because they are not getting enough sustenance and need to conserve their energy to stay alive. 

Brittle Branches

Have you noticed a ton of leaf litter surrounding your tree? An occasional branch falling isn’t a major cause for concern. However, the excess dropping of branches signals poor tree health. 

You should also check for branches that break easily. If this is happening during the spring and summer when there is enough water around, there may be root issues killing the tree.

Peeling Bark

While some trees naturally peel bark (a process called shedding), it shouldn’t happen all year round. Not all trees shed their bark, so if your oak suddenly resembles a birch tree, it isn’t a normal, healthy tree.

Fungus Growth Might Also Indicate a Dying Tree

Have you noticed extra foliage or fungi growing on your tree that doesn’t belong to it? Nature might be trying to take advantage of your tree’s poor health. 

In particular, fungi feed on dead wood. If you see mushrooms sprouting near the base of your tree, this could be a bad sign. Any growth covering the bark, like moss or fungi, indicates bad tree health, so don’t wait to call your local tree health experts.

East Coast Tree Service Tends To All Your Tree’s Needs

How can I tell if my tree is dead? Why not schedule one of the best tree services around to take a look? East Coast Tree Service is a great choice in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, whether you want to reduce the tree trimming cost, plant a tree replacement, or get a sick tree some help–call 781-518-8014 today!

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