How do you address girdling tree roots? When this unusual growth manifests in one of your favorite specimens, it can feel quite concerning.

As Dunstable’s ultimate tree services, our team at East Coast Tree Service has seen and dealt with our fair share of arboreal complications. Keep reading as we explore the causes, symptoms, and solutions to help your landscape thrive once again.

girdling tree roots

What Exactly Are Girdling Roots?

Identifying this issue is easier than you might think! Look at the base of your tree where the trunk meets the soil. If you notice roots encircling the trunk or crossing over each other, you’ve likely spotted some girdling roots.

Some cases might prove more challenging to spot, though, as the growths may hide under a layer of soil. You can keep an on your specimen for any signs of stress instead:

  • Reduced growth
  • Smaller leaves
  • Early seasonal color changes
  • Foliage loss
  • Branch dieback

These problematic roots can inevitably lead to the tree’s decline if not addressed promptly. Regularly inspecting your yard should help you catch this issue early and take action.

What Causes Girdling Roots?

Girdling tree roots often stem from improper planting techniques or restricted growing spaces. Planting saplings too deeply can lead to roots growing horizontally rather than vertically.

Compacted soil or crowded urban environments might also force roots to navigate around obstacles and make them encircle the trunk. Container-grown trees prove susceptible if their roots grow in a circular pattern inside the vessel and retain this habit once planted.

Prevention is always preferable, and a few simple tree care steps can save you a lot of hassle down the line. Check the planting depth and make the root ball level with the surrounding soil. If you bought your new tree from a nursery, carefully inspect the roots and gently tease them out before planting.

How To Address Them

Fixing girdling roots involves a careful, meticulous approach to avoid further damaging the tree. Gently remove the surrounding soil to fully expose the offending parts. With sterilized, sharp pruning tools, carefully cut them away without harming healthy roots.

Backfill the area with fresh, well-draining soil and water the tree thoroughly. Keep an eye on it for the next few weeks to ensure it recovers well from the procedure.

Your Go-To Professional Tree Services in Dunstable, MA

Removing any major part of a tree is not a task you should take lightly. Instead of risking injuring your cherished specimens or yourself, why not leave it to East Coast Tree Service?

Our crew has the expertise, experience, and tools to handle girdling tree roots and other landscaping issues professionally and safely. Many in Massachusetts already trust us with yards and gardens, and it’s high time you did too! We also deliver other treatments like:

  • Scheduled tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Tree stump grinding
  • Spraying and fertilizing

Dial 781-518-8014 for your professional tree services, or read more of our blog and learn the best reasons to bring in tree removal experts. Discover more now.

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