Do you love the beauty and privacy trees provide but don’t know which ones you should plant? Keep reading to answer the question, “What are the fastest-growing trees for privacy?” Andover’s tree service contractor of choice can help you understand what trees grow best in the area so you can have a beautiful, natural privacy screen.

what are the fastest growing trees for privacy

Which Trees Are Best for Andover?

Most trees only grow well in specific climates. Tree experts categorize different climates into thirteen hardiness zones, with additional subzones within each area. Andover sits fully within hardiness zone 6.

Fastest Growing Trees for Privacy

Consider these quick-growing privacy trees for a beautiful privacy screen in just several years.

Bald Cypress

While it grows best in wet or swampy areas, the bald cypress can thrive in zone six, resisting the majority of insects and diseases. It can grow up to two feet every year to reach heights of 100 feet and can grow 40 feet thick. It grows best in areas with full sunlight.


You probably recognize this tree as a common choice in the eastern United States. As one of the best fast-growing trees for screening, it can grow up to four feet per year and reach heights up to 70 feet. They need well-drained soil and full sun or partial shade to thrive.

Lombardy Poplars

One of the speedy privacy tree varieties related to cottonwood is the Lombardy poplar. It has similar growing properties and needs but often provides a better option for people with allergies, as it doesn’t bloom cottony seeds.

Green Giant Arborvitae

What are the fastest-growing trees for privacy? The green giant arborvitae ranks one of the best because it can grow three to five feet yearly. As a large and vibrant evergreen, you’ll probably recognize it as one of the most commonly planted trees for privacy hedges.

Dawn Redwood

For rapid privacy tree growth, consider the dawn redwood, which can grow up to two feet per year. Its needles turn a beautiful red hue in the fall before dropping. It grows best in wet soil and full sun.

Japanese Pagoda Tree

Zone 6 is one of the few areas that can support these swift-growing privacy trees. They can grow over a foot every year and reach 75 feet tall.

Silver and Red Maple

These are great trees to consider when designing your landscaping because they turn beautiful colors in the fall. They can grow up to two feet annually.

Tulip Tree

Because they display beautiful spring flowers, a tulip tree is a popular option for rapidly growing trees for privacy screening. They can grow up to 18 inches every year.

Contact Your Andover Tree Experts Today

What are the fastest-growing trees for privacy? You now have several options to choose from. Whether you need more information about tree fertilizer facts or need help designing your landscaping so your trees stay healthy, East Coast Tree Service can help. To speak with an expert, call (781) 518-8014 today.

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