Can you replant a tree without roots? We get that question fairly often from customers at East Coast Tree Service. As the leading tree removal specialist in Tyngsborough, we also help property owners with transplanting trees and every project that calls for professional arborist services. Read on to learn more about replanting trees.

can you replant a tree without roots

True Transplanting Requires a Healthy Root System

Transplanting trees from one location to another with the expectation that they will continue to live and grow “as is” can be challenging and requires careful handling of their root systems. 

Can you replant a tree without roots? Unfortunately, no; there are just not any examples of trees continuing to grow as a mature or growing specimen without a functioning root system. Tree roots are essential “organs”; like an animal needs a skeleton and lungs to survive, a tree needs its roots.

When removing a tree for replanting, it is essential to protect and extract a suitably sized “root ball.” This should be an intact sphere of earth and roots so they will have the best chance to reestablish themselves quickly and provide stability and nutrition to the tree. 

A good rule of thumb for determining the size of the root ball is to give it 12 inches of diameter for every inch of diameter of the tree’s trunk at its base. A tree with a six-inch trunk diameter will need a root ball of at least six feet, and so on.

The tree should be carefully removed without damaging the root ball and wrapped in burlap until replanting. A proper site must be chosen and prepared. After being replanted, the hole must be backfilled with suitable soil material. Of course, this process varies from species to species.

Regrowing Trees From Cuttings

Growing a tree from a cutting is entirely different from transplantation. Under the right circumstances with the right kind of tree, there are interesting possibilities for growing a new tree from a cutting rather than a seed. 

Cuttings should be made from healthy stems from a parent tree. They should be around the thickness of a pencil and around eight inches long. The stem should be cut at an angle to increase the surface area for water intake and new root growth. 

Depending on the tree species, the cutting will need a proper location with proper lighting and soil conditions. Commercially available rooting hormones and fertilizers help cuttings’ root growth develop. 

Under ideal circumstances, growing a new tree from a cutting is a slow process. It will likely be several months before growth is noticeable. 

Let East Coast Tree Service Help With Tree Replanting

Our team of experts helps customers in Tyngsborough and around Massachusetts, whether they need to replant trees, see signs of dead trees, or have concerns about their trees’ health. Now that we’ve discussed the question, “Can you replant a tree without roots?” rely on our professionals to guide you further through replacing or moving trees on your property. 

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