Few elements are more important to a tree than its roots. However, sometimes roots can interfere with your property, damaging your home’s foundation and plumbing system while creating a tripping hazard if they grow above ground. Although many Essex County residents want to prune invasive tree roots to prevent tree root damage to their property, many believe trimming them will harm or kill their trees.

So, can you cut tree roots without harming trees? To answer this and more, East Coast Tree Service aims to explain everything you need to know about trimming tree roots.

East Coast Tree Service is one of Essex County’s most trusted tree removal services. If you need to eliminate a tree from your Essex County property, contact our professional arborists.

can you cut tree roots

Will Tree Root Pruning Damage a Tree?

Tree roots supply water and nutrients to trees to maintain their appearance, health, lifespan, and more. Unfortunately, many large trees have extensive root systems that can cause more harm than good. Although removing the tree might solve root encroachment issues, many Essex residents want to preserve their trees and just trim the roots.

So, can you cut tree roots without harming a tree? Yes!

Homeowners can trim tree roots without causing excessive damage if they use the proper root-cutting techniques. However, it requires immense precision and expertise to complete correctly.

Root Pruning: Best Practices

Although we recommend hiring a professional arborist to trim tree roots, you can prune them once you understand the property techniques and what to avoid. Below, we list a few tips for pruning invasive tree roots.

Don’t Cut Large Roots

Never prune tree roots larger than two inches wide. Trimming these roots can negatively impact the tree’s health and even make it unstable, causing it to fall. Only cut small roots to ensure optimal tree health preservation and stability.

Never Remove More Than 15% of the Root System at One Time

Since roots supply nutrients and water to trees, removing too many will significantly diminish the tree’s nutrient intake and potentially kill it. Never remove more than 15% of the root system at once. If you need to remove more than 15% of the tree’s roots, wait a few years (typically two to three years) before cutting them again.

Wait Until Winter or Early Spring To Prune

Waiting until winter or early spring to trim tree roots will limit trauma and make it easier for the tree to recover. Most trees remain dormant during winter and early spring and won’t experience excessive damage since they don’t experience growth. It also makes tree root maintenance easier since you won’t have numerous fallen leaves hindering your eyesight. 

Contact East Coast Tree Service for Outstanding Root Pruning in Essex County

Next time you wonder, “Can you cut tree roots without damaging the tree?” contact East Coast Tree Service. We will complete all your pruning needs while taking tree root damage prevention measures to preserve your beautiful property.

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