Will broken branches kill a tree? The short answer is it depends on the amount of damage and how you respond. In this post, East Coast Tree Service, your reliable tree pruning and trimming experts in Reading, MA, explains more about this topic. 

will broken branches kill a tree

How to Repair Large Branches 

Losing too many branches and leaves can kill a tree, so it pays to repair damage where possible. However, if a bigger limb is still partially attached, you might want to try and repair the damage. A professional arborist is the best person to help you with this, but you should try to reattach the branch before the wound dries. You’ll need to support the branch so that it seals the wound. Tree services may use cables, bolts, or splints to accomplish this task, as it can prove quite tricky. These repairs will need to remain in place for several months until the tree can completely seal the joint. 

How to Repair a Small Branch

Most people ask, “Will broken branches kill a tree?” when they see large limbs sheer off. However, small branches breaking off may prove deadly because the wound may allow disease or pests to enter the heartwood. 

When a small limb breaks, you can tape it to the other piece using grafting tape. After a few months, the wound should heal completely. 

If there’s no clean break or no way to reattach the small branch, it’s better to prune it carefully.

Can You Stormproof Your Trees? 

There’s nothing you can do that will prevent any kind of damage. When Mother Nature unleashes her fury, you can’t bring your trees inside. However, you can give them their best chance of survival by ensuring they’re as healthy as possible. 

These tips will go a long way:

  • Prune regularly to remove weak or diseased limbs before the wind blows them off. 
  • Protect the roots when you plant the tree by giving them the space to grow and plenty of water and nutrients. Don’t excavate too near the roots. 
  • Protect the trunk from storm damage by wrapping it with burlap or a blanket. This barrier protects against cold, hail, and other debris during a windstorm. Don’t forget to remove the material when the danger passes. 
  • Trim the trees every one to three years, depending on the species, to improve circulation and promote stronger growth. 
  • Fertilize the tree as necessary and test the soil regularly so that you can correct nutrient imbalances. The healthier the tree, the more likely it’ll be able to bounce back from storm damage. 
  • Water the tree once a week during the first year or two of its life. This establishes a strong root network that makes the tree less prone to toppling during inclement weather. 

Contact East Coast Tree Service

Will broken branches kill a tree? This isn’t the most common of tree death causes if you act quickly enough. Don’t waste a second; call East Coast Tree Service at (781) 518-8014 for the best chance of success. 

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