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Once a tree is cut down, dealing with the remaining stump can be an unsightly headache. Those leftover stumps are not only eyesores, but they can also be tripping hazards, attract insects and pests, and send up new sprout growth. 

If you want to clear your yard fully, you’ll need to get rid of the stumps as well. But, feeling “stumped” on how to do it? We’ve got you covered. Here are five relatively simple ways for homeowners to remove tree stumps themselves:

1. Digging it Out

The old-fashioned way to remove tree stumps is to manually dig them out using a shovel, ax, and a lot of elbow grease. Outline the roots with the shovel, then chop through them. Once loosened, you can try to pry and pull the entire stump out of the ground.

2. Using a Grinder 

Stump grinders use a powerful, rotating disk to grind away the wood several inches below ground level. You can rent a walk-behind or tow-behind stump grinder for DIY projects. It’s dusty, noisy work, but grinds stumps down quickly.

3. Burning the Stump

An alternative removal method is constructing a fire right on top of the stump to burn it away slowly over many hours. You’ll need to drill holes and potentially use potassium nitrate to help it smolder. Check local regulations first, as some areas prohibit open burning.

4. Chemical Stump Removers

For a hands-off approach to removing tree stumps, you can use a chemical stump remover product containing potassium nitrate that accelerates wood decomposition. Drill holes in the stump, fill them with the granular chemical, add water, and it will eventually rot away.

5. Rotting with Fungus

Another natural method uses stump-decaying fungus or mushroom spores to break down the wood over 6 months to a few years. Make holes and pack the areas with sawdust containing the fungus spores, keep moist, and let nature take its course.  

Remove Tree Stumps Safely

When attempting to remove tree stumps from their yard, there are important safety considerations homeowners should keep in mind:

Underground Utility Lines

Before any digging, call 811 to have underground utility lines marked and located. Hitting a gas, electric or other utility line with tools can result in severe damage and hazards.

Stump Size/Type

Larger stumps and certain species like oak or redwood are extremely dense and difficult to remove without proper tools or equipment. Attempting removal alone risks injury.

Root System

Tree roots can extend well beyond the stump base. Persistent digging to chase tangled root systems requires appropriate protective gear like steel-toe boots.

Machinery Hazards

Stump grinders, chainsaws, axes, and other power equipment involve serious kick-back and laceration risks if used improperly. Only operate machines you are trained and experienced with.

Chemical Precautions  

Some chemical stump removers contain hazardous ingredients like potassium nitrate. Avoid skin/eye contact, use in ventilated areas, keep away from kids/pets.

Heavy Lifting

Fully decayed stumps can still weigh hundreds of pounds when waterlogged. Use correct lifting posture or tools, get assistance removing heavy sections.

Fire Dangers

If burning the stump, clear the area of brush/debris, have a water source ready, and avoid windy conditions to prevent wildfires or property damage.

Insect/Wildlife Hazards

Disturbing stumps may release ground-nesting stinging insects like yellowjackets. Lingering wildlife like snakes may also be encountered. 

Protective Equipment  

When operating power tools or grinding, wear steel-toe boots, eye/ear protection, gloves, long pants/sleeves, dust masks, or respirators.

By taking proper precautions, having the right tools/assistance, and not underestimating the difficulty – homeowners can safely remove tree stumps. But consulting professional stump grinding services is often the safest route for larger jobs.

Creative Ideas and Uses For Your Old Tree Stumps

So you’ve removed your stump–now what? Believe it or not, there are actually lots of creative things you can do with old tree stumps. To help you out, we’ve picked out some of our favorite repurposing tactics:

1. Rustic Stump Furniture

Rather than getting rid of stumps entirely, larger ones can be transformed into unique furniture pieces. Sand and stain the tops to create rustic side tables, coffee tables, or even stools.

2. Garden Planters

Hollow out the center of a stump and use it as a planter for flowers, herbs, or small shrubs and plants. The weathered bark creates a natural, decorative container.

3. Fairy Garden Decor

Get creative with smaller stumps by transforming them into whimsical fairy garden scenes, complete with miniature accessories, doors, and pathways.

4. Chainsaw Carvings  

For those with a knack for wood carving, stumps provide the perfect blank canvas to craft outdoor sculptures, animal shapes, or other artistic designs using chainsaws and chisels.

5. Mushroom Cultivation

Drill holes in a stump and inoculate it with mushroom spawn to cultivate edible varieties like shiitake in your backyard.

6. Pathway Steps

Line a garden path or create rustic stairs by carefully setting stumps into the ground at staggered heights.

7. Outdoor Seats

Arrange larger, sturdy stumps to create a natural seating area for rustic charm around a fire pit or gathering space.

8. Tree Trunk Slice Art

Cut thick cross-section rounds from the stump to create wall hangings showcasing the unique tree ring patterns and wood grains.

9. Birdhouses or Feeders

Hollow out a cavity and mount the stump on a pole to provide bird shelter, or drill holes around the sides for feeding stations.

10. Firewood

Of course, if all else fails, sturdy hardwood stumps can simply be split, dried, and used for firewood to heat your home next winter.

Get creative, and stumps can take on new life with some ingenuity rather than hitting the compost pile! Homeowners can craft uniquely rustic yard art and decor.

Still Stumped? Get In Touch With Us

Of course, hiring a professional stump removal service is the fastest, most efficient way to grind away stumps with powerful equipment. However, these DIY approaches can be cost-effective for smaller stumps and patient homeowners. 

If you’re still stumped, though, and could use a little professional tree assistance, we’ve got you covered. Our team at East Coast Tree Service is perfectly equipped to assess and remove tree stumps safely and effectively. Contact us today at (781) 518-8014 to set up a home visit.

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